From the initial idea to the end of the project, the BHMG team is here to help your project succeed. We take a truly hands-on approach to utility consulting with regular communication and additionally hold ourselves accountable to deliver industry leading quality.

The electric industry today faces a unique challenge, and our team is ready to help support your current and future infrastructure. For over 50 years BHMG has provided engineering design and consulting services, and we are ready to support the needs of our clients across the board.

Staying ahead of our clients’ needs

Our CFO Verbal describes why today it is vital for utilities’ to understand the costs associated with operating their system.

Consulting Services

Utility Consulting
  • System Planning

  • Arc Flash Studies

  • System Modeling and Coordination

  • Interconnection Studies

  • RTU/SCADA Coordination

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Cost of Service Studies

Relay Settings
  • Transmission and distribution protection

  • Generator protection

  • Settings development

  • Analysis and calculations

Substation Commissioning Guidance
  • Owner’s engineering and oversight

  • Troubleshooting during startup

Project Management
  • Contract Management

  • Public bidding specification process

  • Construction Supervision

Safe and reliable operation of our power grid has never been more important. Our teams understand what it takes to achieve this goal and are here to assist our clients to improve their system. We will make recommendations to fit your needs now as well as what we are seeing across the industry and best practices moving forward.


BHMG has been in the business of consulting with utilities for over 50 years and we strive to be our clients’ trusted partner. Our quality management system not only ensures a high-quality product, but on-time submittal as well. This helps both our design and project management teams to better support our clients across various service offerings. We aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients to ensure we meet their needs now, provide thoughtful ideas to help as well as contribute to their success in the future.


At BHMG our groups work very closely across our various disciplines. Our teams understand the importance of collaborating both internally and with our clients. We work and play hard, and we know how to have fun while providing innovative and creative ideas to support our industry. Whether preparing your system for the future or studying current trends, our teams will seamlessly ensure your project goes well.